When you consider the term household word, Hoover invariably springs to mind in relation to vacuum cleaners. In the mining, quarrying and civil engineering world of rock-breakers the household word is always Montabert.

The word ‘Montabert’ is a French family name. In 1921, Joannes Montabert’s interest in pneumatic equipment led to the establishment of the company, to which he gave his name. From then until 1964, various members of the family became involved and proceeded with extensive research and development aimed at replacing compressed air with hydraulics.

In 1964, Montabert took out its first patent and commenced the manufacture and marketing of hand held Hydraulic Breakers (BBH).

In 1969, the first Hydraulic Rock Breaker was designed (BRH) and Montabert became the first Hydraulic Breaker manufacturing company in the world and chose the now famous Veronese green as its flagship colour.

The construction equipment world took this
new and revolutionary product to its heart and the world renowned BRH501 was soon to be found all over the industrialised globe. A range of BRH products followed, each as successful as the reliable 501. Export sales boomed and the workforcewas soon up to 700 people.

1987 saw the design and introduction of the BRV, the first Hydraulic Rock Breaker in the world with self-regulated percussion energy. The BRV32 soon became the high production breaker that the modern contractors desired and another successful range was launched. Maintaining the famous Montabert reliability and increasing the power output achieved through painstaking research and design and rigorous quality control, the V32 took the industry by storm and soon bigger BRVs were demanded resulting today in the V45 and the V55 with an even larger model soon to be released.

1992 saw the BRP range of smaller breakers announced to supply a rapidly increasing market for hydraulic breakers for smaller carriers. As the success of Montabert products increased worldwide, it was only a matter of time before a large multi-national would recognise the potential of the internationally famous private company. In 1994, Ingersoll Rand purchased Montabert and chose to retain its famous name . There was a short transition period and then Ingersoll Rand embarked on a massive investment programme in equipment, training, computerised machinery facilities and state of the art quality control system.

A new and exciting era was beginning for the ‘Green Machine’, Montabert was set up for the next millennium.

With its established product base and a well respected dealer network, backed by the worldwide international facilities of Ingersoll Rand, Montabert has gone from strength to strength, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Ireland. Falcon Breaker Sales are exclusive distributors for the 26 counties of the Irish Republic and guarantee a first class after sales service and spare parts availability.